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Just like nature, I’ve been hibernating. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us to live in harmony with the seasons, of which there are five: spring, summer, late summer, autumn, and winter. Each of these seasons have associations, which can help us make the necessary changes to transition smoothly with the seasonal changes.

According to TCM, the Kidney (along with the Bladder) rule over winter, which is fitting: the most Yin organ in the most Yin season. The Kidney is considered the powerhouse of the body, supplying reserve energy to any organ which is running low on energy. Physically, the Kidneys are related to the reproductive and endocrine systems, particularly the adrenals. When out of balance, we may experience:

Fear (prolonged state)





…these, amongst other symptoms indicate a Kidney Imbalance.

The winter months can be hard on us when we don’t follow nature’s cues. After the winter festivities, we can all feel depleted—physically, emotionally, and financially!

Kidney health is so important in TCM that according to the Yellow Emperor’s Classic, the way we manage our health during the winter season will determine our health for the coming year: “Those who disobey (the laws of Winter) will suffer”.

So, we are now in the final leg of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere), and spring is just around the corner, but before jumping (or springing-ha ha) into action, we can be kind to our body, mind, and spirit by investing the remainder of the winter days in activities that reflect the themes of winter: REST, RECUPERATE, REPLENISH, and REFLECT.

As the quality of our energy at this time can determine how smoothly we transition into the next season, while we gently re-emerge, let’s continue enjoying:

Early nights




Gentle walks

Gentle exercise and stretches

Drinking plenty of water (kidneys need lots of water to function well, particularly at this time of year)

Eat warming and nourishing foods.

If you are suffering from symptoms of kidney imbalance, NWT Holistic Healing offers Shiatsu treatments, herbs, and dietary advice that can be used to bring the organ function back into balance.

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